Collecting a list of D&I surveys, could you add one?

Hi Sustainers,

The CHAOSS D&I Working Group decided to collect a list of past D&I surveys in open source (chaoss/wg-diversity-inclusion#220) and needs your help.

The collection should contain:

  1. Survey questionnaires
  2. Survey results and reports

Collecting past surveys is the first step for identifying reusable survey questions as well as getting a baseline for comparison. It would be great to pool our resources across the open source ecosystem.

The CHAOSS D&I Working Group has also been working on new survey questions that may be added to future D&I surveys. Therefore, we propose to collect all kinds of questions within the CHAOSS D&I Working Group and make them available to anyone who wants to run a D&I survey in the future.

The CHAOSS D&I Working Group needs your help to identify what D&I surveys have been done in the past and collecting the survey questions that have been used.

Please add links to resources, surveys, and reports of surveys to a shared google doc.

Thank you! Georg

PS: Link to the shared google doc:


Thank you to everyone who contributed so far. The D&I Working Group started working through the surveys.

Hey, it’s a little late, but I added the Fedora Diversity and Inclusion Team’s attempt at running a demographic survey into the doc:

Thank you very much. I find the NOTE very intersting :slight_smile:

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Hey @GeorgLink, glad you appreciated it. :raised_hands:

Out of curiosity, which NOTE do you mean?