Sustain Summit 2020

:wave: Hello all,

The organizers met today and we are happy to announce that we will be doing another Sustain Summit in Brussels end of January/before FOSDEM. We will have the exact date and more info for you asap.



Awesome, looking forward to it.


Awesome news! Really looking forward to it.


YAY! I’m there :smiley:

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That’s exciting News!

What day will Sustain Summit be?
We are planning CHAOSScon on January 31st and I hope we don’t have a conflict.

[UPDATE] January 30 is what the website says — YAY :tada:

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Exciting news! Really hoping to be able to attend :smiley:

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This is awesome ! Looking forward to it.

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Hi, I’m looking forward to making it out for Sustain this year. Was a venue announced yet? It would be helpful to know for planning accommodation in Brussels.

Great, I look forward to seeing you there.

No venue has been announced yet. Last I heard, the organizing team is working on securing a venue.

How can I make sure I have a ticket to this? any links?

Tickets are available through OpenCollective:

We have a pull request open to get the button onto the front page, because that is where most people look first.