1st International Workshop on the Body of Knowledge for Software Sustainability (BoKSS’21)

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A conference on Software Sustainability.

Theme and goals

With the pervasive role of software and digitalization in all aspects of contemporary society, the topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly important and increasingly urgent for software engineers and software engineering education. But we have a scant foundation of practices, examples, tools, datasets, guidelines etc. upon which to make principled engineering decisions and upon which to build a curriculum. In spite of the active international research community in the field, we lack a strong foundation of significant and reusable results upon which to build tangible progress that helps contribute to the target sustainability goals.

The goal of BoKSS 2021 is to create such a knowledge base. We seek to create a knowledge base of actionable results that will transform sustainable software engineering practices from a novel research area into a robust, repeatable, teachable practice area within software engineering.

In addition to the knowledge base mentioned above, the envisaged workshop outcomes include forming a concrete work-force that will create (i) an online platform to share the knowledge base, and (ii) a scientific report targeting journal publication which will present the Body of Knowledge for Sustainability in Software Engineering (BoKSS) as a unified theory. Depending on the number of participants and their contributions, we can imagine more than one report resulting from this workshop.