Code of Conduct Notice of Action Taken

Hello SustainOSS friends,

We are writing to update you regarding a Code of Conduct matter recently addressed by the Code of Conduct Committee.

A community member has continued to post confrontational and sometimes accusatory messages on this forum, despite multiple warnings, feedback, and requests for respectful behavior that fully aligns with our Code of Conduct.

As a result, we have suspended their participation in SustainOSS until at least 15 September. They may request reinstatement at that point, but will need to demonstrate to the CoC Committee both their willingness and ability to participate respectfully and constructively in this community.

As a reminder, our Code of Conduct is documented at Code of Conduct | A Space for Open Source Sustainers, and you can always reach the CoC Committee at


Richard Littauer, for the SustainOSS Code of Conduct Committee