Future of Europe & Open Source

Dear sustainers,

It’s been a while since I posted here; I hope everyone’s doing well out there!

There’s a new initiative from the EU called the Conference on the Future of Europe. Through their platform, they will collect & review ideas from EU citizens in the coming months.

As a long-time advocate, I took the opportunity to share two complementary ideas on how to expand and finance open-source software :point_down:

Even if you’re not an EU citizen, it would be great to hear your feedback :pray:

Merci beaucoup! :v:


@pkafei created a Twitter poll to see people’s thoughts about the “Universal income for open source maintainers” proposal.

It was a great way to get some proper feedback, and so far, ~65% favor the idea. Of course, it’s not an overwhelming success, but still, I will take reaching a qualified majority as a pretty good sign.

By the way, four people registered and endorsed the idea on the platform after starting the poll. So, it’s almost in the Top 10 proposals in 300+ ideas, under the Digital transformation topic :rocket: Thanks again!

It’s going to end soon but feel free to cast your vote and share your opinion:


No worries, I’m glad that I can help! Also congratulations on being on of the top 10 proposal- we really need more people to come up with actionable ways to sustain open source projects.

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