Parity License vs. GPL

I’ve been on a bit of a tear reading up on open source sustainability this week. It wasn’t intentional. One of the rabbit holes I went down put me face to face with this Parity License. I had never heard of it. A cursory read of it though I’m not seeing what it accomplishes that isn’t already accomplished by the GPL. Anyone here familiar with it that can shed some light on it?


The Parity License says you must contribute your software to the public which it defines as “…publish all its source code, in the preferred form for making changes, through a freely accessible distribution system widely used for similar source code…”

The GNU GPL has no such requirement.

You may keep your work secret or only release it to a select few, or even require payment for every copy you deliver but you must also allow anyone who receives it to sell it or give it away or post it on any public site, etc.

While these rules are tricky, I think they can be used as the basis of a better business model.

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