Great reads - February 2019 Edition

  1. :popcorn:Sustaining FOSS Projects By Democratizing The Sponsorship Process
  2. OSI > January 2019 License-Review Summary
  3. Interview with Vicky “VM” Brasseur on open source licensing conflicts
  4. The Ethics of Unpaid Labor and the OSS Community (2013)
  5. :popcorn:Hitler reacts to SSPLv2
  6. Affirmation of the Open Source Definition (great timing @GeorgLink :wink:)
  7. What it feels like to be an open-source maintainer (2017)
  8. Redis Labs changes its open-source license — again

Co-authored with @GeorgLink help from @coni2k & @HankG

p.s. Just because I link to something doesn’t mean I necessarily endorse it. I just find it thought-provoking and/or interesting.


My contribution isn’t a read and it’s from February 2018, but it’s still useful. It’s a lecture presented by Sara Ahmed about a perspective shift on what a complaint represents and the view towards the complainer. It focuses on academic institutions, but I think its context is useful for open source communities considering code of conduct development:

Sara Ahmed | Complaint: Diversity Work, Feminism, and Institutions


It is unfair of tech companies and other users to rely on poorly funded and overworked developers to maintain the open source software that powers modern society. While the extent to which this is a problem is an empirical question that deserves to be researched, the fact that it is happening is not.



great article that features @eric’s company CodeFund