Program Manager - Standards team at the LF

Hi friends, hope you don’t mind an open standards role being posted on the open source forum :smile:

I’m looking for a mid-level program manager to join my PM team, which supports all of the JDF Projects (see Role posting is here: Linux Foundation Standards Program Manager | SmartRecruiters

Definitely hmu if you have any questions about this role, and feel free to share it + my contact info. Hope you are all well :heart:


Hi @jorydotcom I’m supper interested into this role and have a relevant experience and skill set which matches with the same. You can find more about me here -

How can I reach you?


Hi, I guess this is not a remote positon :slight_smile:

Hi @bogomil @Jaskirat! so the role is a remote one, and we can hire from a few different countries. For this position, most of your co-workers would be US and western EU based so working in timezones that can sync regularly with those timezones is ideal. You can reach me at jburson at linuxfoundation dot org!

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