Request for Proposal for Services: Operational Toolkit for Digital Public Goods

The UNICEF Office of Innovation is looking for a vendor with extensive research, evidence generation and packaging expertise. UNICEF co-hosts the Digital Public Goods Alliance who is looking to build an operational toolkit for governments on implementing, sustaining and scaling of open source Digital Public Goods. The toolkit should include guidance, best practices and frameworks for implementing open source products at the country-level.

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Scope of Work

As part of this process the vendor will be asked to provide the DPG Alliance with guidance, best practices and frameworks for implementing products specifically on:

  • Policy: What are the necessary policy environments and structures that are conducive for deploying and scaling DPGs?
  • The value of DPGs: What have other operationally successful or mature DPGs delivered? What evidence exists that we could use to advocate on the policy-level that DPGs have contributed to indicators of economic development or innovation? What are some tools or frameworks that governments and agencies can use to determine the value or cost-effectiveness of certain open-source solutions?
  • The sustainability of DPGs: how could certain government agencies play a role in enabling innovative financial investment in DPGs so they are sustainable?
  • The security of DPGs: how could certain governments align an open source software with the national legal and policy frameworks especially around cybersecurity, data privacy and ownership?
  • The readiness for nationwide use of DPGs: how could certain governments build internal capacity to utilize, produce, run and maintain open source software, standards, content and AI models? How might governments encourage maintenance and incentivize quality for open source solutions and ensure that it is sustainable in a cost-effective way (i.e. requiring security audits)?
  • Procurement and Adoption : What are low- and middle-income government procurement requirements, motivations for procurement, and the perceived risks for government related to adopting open source technologies? What are some recommendations for structuring a procurement process that is sustainable and equitable? What are open source projects that have been successfully adopted and what made them successful?
  • Product-Level Government Adoptability of DPGs: How have some governments decided to deploy certain DPGs based on product-level criteria i.e. quality, maturity, security and utility?
  • Sector-specific considerations : Are there key differences between sectors (e.g. education, health, identity, finance, etc.) regarding the questions presented above? e.g. is there a sector more conducive to the implementation of DPG? Is there a sector where DPGs are more likely to be sustained?
  • Scalability : What are factors to consider in a DPG for a government to understand its scalability? What other specific operational efforts are needed from the government in order to scale a DPG according to the Principles of Digital Development, including partnerships, engaging citizens, and leveraging existing resources?

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