Sustain Together: July 1, July 15, and July 29

Hi all :wave:

Every two weeks, we hold an hour-long conversation where we think about actionable responses to sustainability news in the OSS ecosystem. We go over any links dropped in this thread, in the Open Collective Slack channel #sustain-links, or in the notes document.

We hope you’ll join us on Fridays at 16:00 UTC (12pm ET / 5pm BST) to better document, share, and respond to what’s happening in the world of open source sustainability.

Our video is hosted on BBB: Sustain OSS


And if you are specifically interested in research software, including sustainability, importance, FAIRness, career paths, policies, etc., you also might be interested in this:

The Research Software Alliance (ReSA) is hosting a monthly online community forum for the global research software community. The Research Software Community Forum is open to everyone. Meetings will occur monthly at 8-hourly alternating times to maximize attendance by participants in different time zones.

The Community Forum offers an opportunity for participants to meet and share information. Each monthly call will feature a short talk and follow-up discussion, with the aim of facilitating community consideration about what’s needed next to address particular issues.

The first call is scheduled for 19 July 2022 11 am to 12 pm UTC. See the time in your time zone.

And see ReSA Monthly Community Forum · Research Software Alliance for more information.


Thanks, @danielskatz. Might be a good idea to add calendar invites to the events - right now, I think that the event page requires me to do save time in my calendar manually, which is an admin hurdle.

Hey all!

Just a reminder that this is today! Looking forward to talking about current events in Sustain.


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