Sustain Weekly - February Summary

Every Friday, we host a weekly call to document, share, and respond to current events in open source sustainability. Read more.

We hope you can join our first public call TODAY at 16:00 UTC (12pm ET / 5pm BST). Here are the summaries from our February calls.

Feb 4, 2022

We’re seeing big companies give money to support the software supply chain, and new features in GitHub Sponsors, but is funding getting to the projects that need it the most? How can we help open source maintainers ask for money? Some ideas we had:

  • Research and update Nadia Eghbal’s Lemonade Stand.
  • Offer a fundraising webinar. “Your budget is the clearest presentation of your strategy”.
  • Take a real open source project, help them with sustainability, then publish a case study.

Also reading: Universal Basic Cop-Out by Kem Mitchell.

February 25th, 2022

Let’s Talk Docs, a new podcast on documentation and sustainability, has launched! Hosted by Portia Burton (DocumentWrite) and Eric Holscher (Read the Docs, Write the Docs).

Also reading: Support open source that you use by paying the maintainers to talk to your team by Simon Willison.


Feb 4: Abby Cabunoc Mayes, Justin Dorfman, Eriol Fox, Richard Littauer, Allen Gunn. Feb 25: Abby Cabunoc Mayes, Justin Dorfman, Eric Berry.

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