Sustain Together - April & May 2023 Summary

Every other Friday, we host a call to document, share, and respond to current events in open source sustainability. Our next call is happening Friday June 2, TODAY at 16:00-17:00 UTC (12pm ET / 9am PT) - notes & connection details

Here’s a summary of our April & May calls:

April 7

We kicked off the conversation talking about Self-service SBOMs (Software Bill of Materials), from the current lack of default formats, to questions around who uses them (auditors?), to where fits in helping discover weaknesses in the supply chain. Then we chatted about Sustain’s Governance Working Group Reboot and scheduling a good time.

Also reading: GitHub’s Maintainer Community, Funding option through NGI, and new GitHub Sponsor Fees

April 21

Big news this week with the first cohort of the GitHub Accelerator – should we invite them to the OC community call? Have a sprint demo? Should we collect all FOSS funds and programs that maintainers may be eligible for? Next up, Maintainer Month is coming up in May! @RichardLitt is doing some podcasts. We like the new GitHub repo page centered on README files.

Next we discussed a couple Sustain episode Dawn Wages of PSF on organizing communities, ethical licenses, and more and Pablo Ruiz Marquiz at FOSS Backstage 2023. Potential action items from this:

  • Create an airtable to for everyone to add skills / areas they can help
  • Host a workshop on how to setup GitHub repo / have a personal readme
  • Share the Open Source Design event in Barcelona with others

Finally, news from Mautic separating from Acquia & OSC hiring @rcheesley. Can we offer a reliability template for OS projects for how they can have these conversations and ask for money?

May 19

@ShaneCurcuru started a FOSS Foundations Directory. You can send PRs! Drupal is a Digital Public Good. Coming out of a Sustain conversation, GitHub has automatic suggestions for what can be added to a repo. @ShaneCurcuru proposed (and got merged in!) adding as a default community health file. Some further actions for this: Build a resource that tells what goes into your file.

@Anita_Ihuman wrote about how implicit bias impacts diversity and inclusion. Can we ask @Anita_Ihuman to run a workshop? Can we built out other resources for this? Finally, we discussed a Pledge for progress from Some interesting ideas around bounty platforms – we’d love to hear more about this, perhaps on the Sustain podcast, but there have been similar ideas & platforms in the past.

Process point for these calls: We’ll be starting a repo to keep track of the action items from these calls. We’ll check back in 2 months to see the results.


April 7: @RichardLitt @Lauren_Gardner @souravcipher @Ibiam @abitrolly @coni2k

April 21: @RichardLitt @coni2k

May 19: @anthonyronda @RichardLitt @brownie @coni2k @Ibiam


Thanks for the write-up, Abby!

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