Takedown on FLOSS repositories and projects

Follow the meeting on 2024/01/26, I’m starting a list of takedown here, until we create WG and repo on a Legal Defense Team, Fund, and Safe Harbour Policies.

tags to be used when publishing: #OpenSource #TakeDownNotice #ChillingEffects

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Haier threatens legal action against home assistant plugin developer: The developer who reverse-engineered protocol used by the Haier app and released a Python library and associated Home Assistant plugin to interface with a wide array of Haier appliances is being threatened by legal actions.

Tachiyomi project will no longer be under active development due to recent events involving Kakao Entertainment Corp’s threats to those that have been involved with the project.

New fork created: Mihon App

Reported here (in Portuguese): Mihon, o sucessor direto do Tachiyomi, app do Android para ler mangás ⁄ Manual do Usuário

There is lots of information here: GitHub - github/dmca: Repository with text of DMCA takedown notices as received. GitHub does not endorse or adopt any assertion contained in the following notices. Users identified in the notices are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Additional information about our DMCA policy can be found at


Another database, which also receives Googles TDNs: https://lumendatabase.org/

This effort should also be coordinated with them: About :: Lumen

Blockquote TDNs: Take Down Notices

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Hi, if I understand correctly, the scope of this thread is mostly to collect ongoing threats, but as it was brought to my attention, I thought I could share the story of Gadgetbridge.

Our project was the target of a takedown notice on github back in 2017. The project is still alive and well (on codeberg.org *, but our repository was also reopened on github at the time after we filed a counter-notice).

We documented the effort as best we could on our blog: Our DMCA takedown: a post-Mortem — Freeyourgadget blog (you can also get a timeline of events in the related category: DMCA — Freeyourgadget blog ). We also tried to raise awareness about the issue at some conferences like the SFSCon and some bloggers, news websites and podcasts also shared out story (you find the links in the blogpost).

* the initiator of Gadgetbridge is also one of the founders of codeberg.org :wink:

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C&D letter are also to be included here.

Consider this fine podcast episode: Mohammed Shah on TOS Violations for Open Source Projects

This needs more information

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The ‘Bukkit’ story read like a horror novel: good will, naivety, secret deals, mutiny and disappointment.

It was now revealed that the Bukkit open source developers hired by Mojang in 2011 had given up their personal copyright and rights to their open source contributions as part of their employment contracts. The open source developer and business owner communities both learned this abruptly over a 140-character tweet.

So the takedown was issued by one of the Open Source contributors of the code, as Mojang was in clear violation of the GPL license!

The final effect was, as in any other takedowns, a disbanded community, and a feeling of disappointment with Open SOurce.

The project pyhOn/hon has been keeping a timeline of the interactions with Haier here.

Open Source Security (OpenSSF) and OpenJS Foundations Issue Alert for Social Engineering Takeovers of Open Source Projects