UNICEF Office of Innovation - Open Source Mentor Consultancy

UNICEF Office of Innovation is looking for an Open Source Software Mentor to focus on supporting and advising portfolio companies, providing support in the assessment of new companies, and offering technical guidance in support of the Digital Public Goods Alliance.


  • Technical Assistance: Provide ongoing technical assistance to Venture Fund portfolio companies; assist the teams in working through challenges, refer them to additional resources, Provide technical input into criteria and assessment processes for the Digital Public Goods Alliance.
  • Open Source Support: Work with the Open Source Innovation Specialist to develop, document, and implement a replicable process to build, manage and leverage open source communities and networks for portfolio companies
  • Cohort Collaboration: Guide technical integration and establishment of open source platforms based on individual solutions developed by portfolio companies
  • Assessment Support: Provide support in the assessment of new companies the UNICEF is considering investing in
  • Metrics Assessment: Provide ongoing support in the development of metrics that help track and evaluate the growth of digital public goods
  • Sustainability: Explore partnerships and long-term hosting and support options for platforms post-investment period

Applications are open through September 13!


Hi :wave:t5: I am interested in this role. I am just wondering what the technical skill or technical guidance or assistance is?

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hey, thank you so much for your interest!

Technical guidance can could range from software development best practices to navigating Open Source compliance or how to write better documentation. As a mentor, you would be helping these teams overcome challenges, and directing them to additional resources. You will also be responsible for ensuring that these companies meet the technical requirements set by the UNICEF Venture Fund and are aligned with Open Source standards. There is also technical skill needed to asses and implement metrics and tooling, equipping the startups with right data so they can strategies their community growth

to give a little more background, UNICEF Innovation Fund invests in for profit, open source solutions, that align with UNICEFโ€™s goal. If a solution is not licensed under an OSI approved license, we ask them to be. Since we donโ€™t take any equity, having the solution Open Source is the core of what we do/get back โ€“ a scalable, accessible, open solution. Start-ups we invest in are frugal innovators targeting critical issues but often arenโ€™t not used to or familiar with Open Source. Helping these start ups be ideal Open Source projects is the role of this mentor.

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Thank you. This is helpful.

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