Aaron Crawfis on Dapr and Sustaining Cloud OSS

Aaron goes in depth about Dapr, Azure, and working in the cloud space. He tells us about the incubation space at Azure, and he shares some advice if you’re a project looking to get into this space.

Listen at :studio_microphone: https://podcast.sustainoss.org/161

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Hi @Tina_Arboleda. Can you change the description to explain how does that relate to the sustainability of OSS? Cloud space, incubation space - from the description it looks like a marketing podcast release to promote Azure services.

Have you tried to contact core-js author for a recording? If podcast is aimed to “spread the awareness” about OSS sustainablity, I expect it to cover resonating issues and amplify the positive actionable side of them.

Hey Anatoli, missed this. The cloud is based on open source technologies, and it depends upon open source code. It’s part of the overall picture. This isn’t a marketing podcast release - I tried my hardest to make sure that it focused on sustainability, in general.

I haven’t tried to contact core-js. Know of any of the maintainers we could talk to? Or do you have a link for more context?

Hi Richard. Posted the link here - Story of @zloirock, core.js author - better read it in full. It is pretty major, because all media platforms are using core-js, but very few can understand and fix the problem.

EDIT: I expected zines like Vice Motherboard to cover it, but they are out of the loop with their editorial - site:vice.com core-js - Google Search But in that respect they are just as good as SustainOSS in covering this story.

Ahhh, yes. I did know about that. Not quite related to the cloud, except where sustainability is involved. I don’t want to comment on it, at the moment. I’m glad that the open collective is helping him raise funds, though.