Distributing down the depency tree: StackAid

Hi all,

I just found about StackAid, which presents itself as:

StackAid is a simple way to donate to all the open source software projects you depend on. By subscribing to StackAid, we’ll distribute your subscription fee among your projects’ direct and indirect dependencies based on your project configuration

It found it interesting to compare their method of distribution with the elements discussed in Dependency Tree Node Weights

Cheers, Camille


This seems locked into GitHub, and requires people to install the app before getting money. I wonder if this adds too much friction. It seems a bit naïve, to me, but I like seeing more of these in this space.

Owners of open source projects can claim their repositories by installing the StackAid GitHub app. As part of the claiming process, owners can associate one or more Stripe accounts with each repository they own to receive payments.