Gathering Open Sustainable Technology

Hey Sustainer,

we have noticed that an awesome open sustainable technology list is completely missing. It would be nice to get your feedback and contribution to our outcome. Do you know about projects or complete categories that are missing?

The aim of this list is to give an overview of all the great open and sustainable technologies that can be found worldwide. Your contribution is necessary to keep this list alive, increase the quality, and expand it. The same applies to the projects listed.

We are convinced that independent and open technology gives us a real chance to achieve global climate targets. Please find more information in our blog post and let us know what you think about it.


Hi @Ly0n, thanks for sharing!

Out of curiosity, have you heard about the Digital Public Goods Alliance? This effort sounds similar to on-going work to build a list of sustainable open source projects, a.k.a. Digital Public Goods:

You may also be interested in what @lharris shared about a common standard for evaluating whether a project is a Digital Public Good or not:

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Hi @jwf,

Thank you for pointing that out. When we started with the list, there was a very intensive discussion about which topics we would tackle. The UN’s definition of “sustainable” is of course much broader than ours. Due to our limited time and expertise, we wanted to focus only on the technology projects in the energy and climate section. I think I have a certain expertise at least in this area due to my work in the field of aerospace / electromobility.

Our guideline in the Awesome Sustainable Technology is:

Open development environments to preserve global energy supply and vital natural resources

In principle, however, both projects really do have a comparable approach. If I have understood it correctly, the aim is to award a seal to special sustainable projects in a public process and thus to apply for them additionally.

Our target group are rather developers who want to find new open tools in the field of sustainable energy supply or in the impact of energy supply.

Would it be interesting to propose projects from Awesome Sustainable Technology that are in line with as many of the UN Sustainable Goals as possible? We have engineers from different areas who might be interested in helping.

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Makes sense! Similar, but different things. :slightly_smiling_face:

I bet there are projects on your list that might be good Digital Public Goods candidates. You (or others) might be interested in nominating some of these projects as DPGs: