Climate Emergency WG

We already had a good conversation at Sustain about the Climate Emergency. The notes are here. I’ve started writing up a report, here. I’d love to get eyes on it, talk about it, and see if we can move forward.


To both hold a space for us to talk about the larger questions of open source and tech sustainability as it relates to climate change, and to provide resources for helping others navigate the issue.


  • Develop a report on climate change and open source
  • Provide resources for pushing greener practices in open source projects
  • Provide resources for lobbying local governments to pursue better climate policies when it comes to technology
  • Educate our colleagues about this issue

Guiding questions

  • What does it mean to be sustainable environmentally in tech?
  • What resources are there to help make technical work more sustainable?
  • How can we effectively galvanize the open source community to adapt to the environment effectively?
  • How can we support open source offices and efforts for environment-related NGOs?


See the beginnings of one, here.

How to get involved

I am going to be hosting the first call on this next Monday at 1400ET. You’re invited, naturally. Notes will be shared after. Ping me if you want an invite.


I managed in the last months an initiative we called “sustainable digital challenge” , 3 months for companies to refactor their software projects in terms of eco-design principles, code and architecture, with mentor on the topic. It was mainly French mentors and teams/companies for this first one, but we are also trying to write a paper about all best practices and open source tools to help developers. The idea is to nurture a Green Hat developer community and a GreenOps practice (including environmental constraints and tests into the DevOps Continuous Delivery process) We are interested to participate in the call :slight_smile:


So great! I want to learn more about this. Looking forward to chatting during the cal.

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If relevant, I was just reading this nature article:


That is relevant, thank you! I would love to find more articles like this.

:wave: Hey all. A couple of things:

  • I never posted the notes for the last meeting! They are here, such as they are.
  • The main takeaways were that it would be good to research more about what exists already for climate and sustainable tech, and to build a resource to help explain how developers and sustainers can build better environmentally sustainable practices into their existing workflows and organizations. My goal is to build out a website-like resource that can use the Sustain brand to get this knowledge out. I’m currently the only person with actionable items on this front (as far as I remember).
  • We were set to meet yesterday; however, it was a US holiday, and I never posted the meeting agenda. With that in mind, let’s plan to meet in two weeks, on Monday June 8th at 2:00pm EST. Does that work for everyone, again?

Hi, Medhi asked me to join you. I’m a developer in a cooperative. For a few months I’ve been working on the environmental impact of digital technology: awareness of people in IT (meetup, trainings, podcast in french, sustainable challenge mentioned by Medhi above), eco-design, tool development (Carbonalyser).

After these few months of explorations, in my opinion, before developing anything

  • we need to understand the impacts of IT on climate change, but also the social and economic impacts that go with it. A lot of fake news are circulating on this subject (please delete your emails, ahah!).
  • communicate, raise awareness on these topics.

Because we don’t really need tools, we need to change our behaviors and our digital lifestyles.


June8th works for me.

Welcome, @supertanuki! Thanks for showing up here.

I don’t think we’re interested in developing tools; for now, our bandwidth is pretty limited. Our goal is to disseminate better information around what behaviors and lifestyle changes we should make. It sounds like you have thoughts here! That’s great. Looking forward to meeting you on the next call.