Latest reads - June 2019

Let’s continue to share what’s out there about “open source and sustainability”.

Here are my latest findings:

  1. Maintainers Anonymous - Mikeal Rogers on Getting Old in Open Source
  2. GitHub Satellite 2019 - Maintaining the maintainers: supporting open source tools
  3. Henry Zhu @ JSNation - Open Source: Charity or Business?
  4. OSCoin: FAQ & whitepaper - I find this one interesting, since they’re also trying to create ranking system for OS projects (OSRank). I hope it will be possible to use it separately from the currency.
  5. Antirez - The struggles of an open source maintainer
  6. Open Collective - What Core Contributors Want
  7. CodeFund - The Open Source Conundrum: How Do We Keep the Lights On?
  8. Avi Press - A Failed Effort to Get Paid for an Open Source Project
  9. André Staltz - Software Below The Poverty Line - Great article, except why only asking Github to pay the bill? All industries are using software and therefore OSS. Also why 1 billion dollars, a static number?
  10. An interesting thread about core-js maintainer asks for donations through npm postinstall message - Twitter & Github issue

My two cents:

  • No open source maintainer should be disclosing their private matters to the public, to be able to justify asking some donations
  • If it’s not custom to ask companies how they’re going to use our money when we purchase a product / service, we shouldn’t be asking it to open source maintainers either (no double standards please)
  1. @ceejbot - The economics of package management

“Capitalism is supposed to reward people like them, but in practice it does not.”

PS: Sharing ≠ Endorsing

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