OpenSSF OSS Security Mobilization Plan

I believe the plan here was presented about a week ago at Open Source Software Security Summit II organized jointly by LF and OpenSSF.

Which was timed together with Brian Behlendorf’s testimony to the US House Committee on Science and Technology on Securing the Digital Commons a day earlier.


Thanks for sharing. I had an initial read through early this morning and have some responses but more importantly some work that’s related that I now need to announce!

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:wave: I’m the Program Director for OpenSSF, thank you for sharing this!

If anyone has questions about the OpenSSF, the mobilization plan, or the programs mentioned in these announcements please let me know, or join the slack workspace to get involved with the workstreams!

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Why you don’t use Open Source platform for communication?

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Hey @jorydotcom we’ve pushed forward our plans to talk openly about our work on as a result of this announcement. You can read more at — Identify, Secure, and Sustain Critical, Open Source Components

@andrew and I are teaming up once again for this one, we’re incubating the project at Open Source Collective. Our project doesn’t yet bring in contribution from OSSF/LF members, which is rightly highlighted in the report. A conversation about how best to work together would be good given we have previous experience building the technology in the area and are a ways into development already would be great.


Interesting! We should find some time to talk more about the alignments here. Shall I email you to set a time? We’re traveling for a conference next week but second week of June would work well