Sustain Together: This Friday, 1:00pm ET

Hey all,

We’re having our biweekly Sustain Together this week on Friday, at 1:00pm ET. The time was moved because of low attendance last week, because of a clash with the DEI working group, and because I won’t be around next week.

As always, this is a space to talk about anything new in the open source ecosystem that we think relates to sustaining open source. This week we’re hoping to dig into the RFI that @coni2k highlighted and that I’ll be talking about at the Academic WG on Thursday, too.

Looking forward to seeing some of you there! Here is the agenda and notes: Sustain Together Discussions - Google Docs. Feel free to add topics.


Hello everyone!

Here’s a summary of our meeting from yesterday, in which the main topic was the US Government’s Request for Information on Open Source Software:
Fact Sheet: Office of the National Cyber Director Requests Public Comment on Open-Source Software Security and Memory Safe Programming Languages

We had a chance to talk extensively about the proposal to establish a scalable national public fund ~ the US version of Sovereign Tech Fund. You can access the proposal draft here.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Include a research item on the governance model of these public funds.
  • Address potential biases that might arise from using algorithms to distribute funds.
  • Avoid using Universal Basic Income as a similar structure/example due to its unfavorable connotations.
  • Explore the possibility of submitting the proposal through a US-based organization.

I’ll do my best to adjust the document to address these points. Additional feedback is always more than welcome. If you have any comments/questions/remarks, please feel free to add them to the document, or you can contact me directly. The deadline is November 8, so I plan to submit the proposal next weekend.

You can refer to the document to see the full meeting notes - thank you, Django!:
Sustain Together Discussions

Attendees: @gvlx, Django Skorupa, @RichardLitt, @coni2k

The following community call will be after two weeks on November 10! :wave: