Practical Open Source 2024 – Call for articles

The Open Source Initiative wants to facilitate discussions about doing business with and for Open Source. We’re rebooting Practical Open Source[1] in 2024 to hear different opinions from business leaders and stimulate the hard debates, from licenses to business choices.

If you run a business producing Open Source products or your company’s revenue depends on Open Source in any way, we want to publish your insights on:

  • How you balance the needs of paying customers with those of partners and non-paying users
  • How you organize your sales, marketing, product and engineering teams to deal with your communities
  • What makes you decide where to draw the lines between pushing fixes upstream and maintaining a private fork
  • Where do you see the value of copyleft in software-as-a-service
  • Why you chose a specific license for your product offering and how do you deal with external contributions
  • What trends do you see in the ecosystem and what effects are these having

We want to hear about these and other topics, from personal experiences and research. Our hope is to provide the ecosystem with accessible resources to better understand the Open Source business problem space.

If you have opinions and stories worth sharing, all you need to do is submit a pitch to, a title and abstract (300 words max) and a short bio. If your article is published and you’re going to All Things Open, you may also be invited to join a panel discussion.

Please help us spread the word among your peer groups.

[1] previously-known-as Practical Open Source Information

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