Research Software Community Officer/Manager at the Software Sustainability Institute

Sorry if this is inappropriate.

As part of the third phase of The Software Sustainability Institute, the team at the University of Manchester is searching for one new full-time staff member to join our “Better Software Better Research” campaign in the capacity of Research Software Community Manager/Officer.

This job would allow you to collaborate with other sustainers in different capacities, for example attending events or organising events. The Institute is very interested in communities of practice and opportunities to study open source communities can be a significant part of the job.

We welcome UK and international applications.

Closing Date: 14/04/2019



Thanks for sharing. I think it is appropriate to share job opportunities within the Sustain Community, especially when the job is to build and sustain communities.


Not inappropriate at all. I’m actually tempted by the idea!

The whole notion of somebody who “manages” a communuty is very corporate. Manifests the desire to maintain control of the community. That’s awkward and inappropriate. The opportunity to dedicate full time to solve the problem of funding invisible infrastructure is awesome.

I’d be happy to join your team as community outreach person for a three months.

Hi @abitrolly, I agreed that “manage” is a very corporate word. We have to use this language to make human resources happy. Sorry.

We are looking for someone long term. If you are happy, we can keep your contact for short term opportunities in the future.

We have to use this language to make human resources happy. Sorry.

You mean department of human resources? Because for them we are the resources. :smiley:

Sorry, I missed the notification and couldn’t respond timely. To justify the necroposting, how well did your initiative do? Do you have some success or opposite stories to share?

Agreed. When I was asked about how to define the new role of “Community Manager” at the Drupal Association, one of the things I said was not to call it manager - hence the role became “Community Liaison”.

And yes, I then ended up agreeing to take the role

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