Sloan grantees for exploring UX in scientific OSS

Sloan recently funded some research grants looking at UX and scientific OSS, which relates to the Sustain Design working group pretty closely. Perhaps we should interview some of the grantees on the podcast?

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sounds like a fine idea to me.

Sounds good but I can’t see a list of people/link to a list of grantees so looks like they haven’t administered the grants yet?

Can you see the " New grants in the Better Software for Science program" section?

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:star: Jin Guo of McGill University and Jinghui Cheng of Polytechnique Montréal were awarded a research grant to study the usability of large-userbase scientific open source software containing GUIs. They will build on their expertise in Natural Language Processing and collaborative design frameworks as they implement solutions for improved usability. Check out some of their recent work here, here, and here.

Discorse was smart enough to preserve all the markup from the original post. There was also an interesting link about the Open Hardware, and this one.

➤ Mathieu O’Neil and colleagues recently published their report on the coproduction of open source software by volunteers and big tech firms.