Sovereign Tech Fund - Three Challenges to Contribute Back to Open Source

In case you missed it :point_down:

We’re looking for developers who use #OpenSource and want to contribute back. For this, we are announcing three challenges for you to work on FOSS with up to €300,000 per project. The challenges will run up to 8 months in two 4-month rounds.

We want to identify critical issues in the open source ecosystem and empower people to work on them. The Sovereign Tech Fund is offering short-term challenge funding for participants to explore new solutions and focus on implementing them over a limited period of time.

The STF is supporting the creation and improvement of #DeveloperTooling, the production security of #FOSS components, and the #Documentation of critical open source infrastructure technologies. Apply through 6 July 2023: Three Challenges to Contribute Back to Open Source :: Sovereign Tech Fund

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