Open Source Software Funding Platforms Registry


Inspired by Sustain Summit, I started maintaining a list of all the known platforms for sustaining and monetizing open source software:

Let me know if you come across any other platforms/tools, etc.



Awesome! Great job @bibryam!


I think you missed Open Source Initiative which is a great supporter of funding to open source projects


hi Jaskirat, I couldnt find out how is OSI supporting OSS projects financially, what is the process?


I don’t know about OSI.

The Core Infrastructure Initiative was established after heartbleed to finance OpenSSL and other projects.


thanks, didn’t know about CII. It seems pretty focused and only 9 projects sponsored, but added to the list.


Hey there,

This is a great idea. Thanks for creating it.


@GeorgLink thanks for it.


Do initiatives like latest EU bug bounty program are included in this category?


It is now. Thanks for the heads up!