Open Source Software Funding Platforms Registry


Inspired by Sustain Summit, I started maintaining a list of all the known platforms for sustaining and monetizing open source software:

Let me know if you come across any other platforms/tools, etc.



Awesome! Great job @bibryam!


I think you missed Open Source Initiative which is a great supporter of funding to open source projects


hi Jaskirat, I couldnt find out how is OSI supporting OSS projects financially, what is the process?


I don’t know about OSI.

The Core Infrastructure Initiative was established after heartbleed to finance OpenSSL and other projects.


thanks, didn’t know about CII. It seems pretty focused and only 9 projects sponsored, but added to the list.


Hey there,

This is a great idea. Thanks for creating it.


@GeorgLink thanks for it.


Do initiatives like latest EU bug bounty program are included in this category?


It is now. Thanks for the heads up!


Big kudos putting this together! Someone on Twitter mentioned Amazon Smile, too, and I’ve seen some European open source podcasts even rely on referrals.

I quoted you on a brief explainer (in Spanish) and list of sources around the late 2018 open source sustainability debate.


I’ve added Amazon Smiles to the list. And also updated my Smiles account to donate to a software foundation.
Thanks for mentioning the list on your video.


I appreciate the heck out of your effort with that list and have a probable addition (for the grant section): . Only for People with residency in Germany, funding up to 47,5k€ for six month. Application for grants (wich are invited to respond to different topics) every half year or so.

But: does this list has to be hosted on google docs?! :anguished:


thanks, I’ve added it the list.

Google docs is a temp solution and I will create a website for it at some point.