Sustain Discourse forum: Encouraging community with Badges

This thread is an extension of this broad discussion about badging systems. This thread focuses on adding badges to the Sustain Discourse forum, not generally all projects or all communities.

I have a few specific comments to reply to from the original thread, as well as a pitch for a possible collaboration.

This was the original conversation starter:

Here are my excerpt replies:

While it is helpful to acknowledge availability of budget, I think at this point we should steer away from mixing money with volunteer work until there is more clear governance documentation about Sustain OSS. A funded join effort is not something (I think) we are equipped to do at this point.

I admit I got carried away by wishful thinking in the last thread too. So, if we are securely privileged enough to pursue this as a joint volunteer collaboration, we can work together as colleagues and peers to organize some sort of deliverable or outcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is anyone else interested in a 50 minute conversation to explore collaborative work?

I am not a designer. But I feel like if we have 3-4 folks interested and willing to help out with this, we try to facilitate an inter-Working Group collab. That could include exploration and brainstorming on what collaborative work is actually useful to produce.

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I’m in. @Erioldoesdesign @rachel_norfolk?

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Yeah, I’m in. Timing might be fun but let’s try


Yup! I’m up for this convo!


Super! I put together a meeting date/time poll here:

Please fill out this poll by Friday, 22 May and I will set up a call once I have a few responses.

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Hi folks, there is one common date/time standing out so far in the poll:

3 June 2020 @ 16:00 UTC

I think it’s likely to happen then. I created a calendar invite and sent it to @jdorfman, @rachel_norfolk , and @Erioldoesdesign. If anyone else would like a calendar invite, please ask here or send me a message!

Some time zone conversions:

  • US Pacific: 09:00
  • US Eastern: 12:00
  • London: 17:00

I am happy to facilitate. I can put together a draft agenda here before the call. :slightly_smiling_face: Looking forward to talking with y’all!


:pray: please and likewise =)


Hey folks, looking forward to chatting in an hour! :raised_hands: Sorry for a late agenda, but here is how I was thinking to structure our conversation today:

  1. Explore personal interests and motivations for a collaborative project
  2. Define a short-term scope to produce some sort of agreed deliverable
  3. Map out a tentative plan for how to move forward after we meet

This is what I am thinking but of course, open to feedback and suggestions. I am hoping for today’s call to be more like a conversation than a work meeting. I think this will be fun and I am pretty sure we are all volunteering on this. So let’s make today an exploration, and figure out where we go next. :slight_smile:


I’ll be there, but I’m extremely low spoons/energy today so I’ll likely be quiet - that’s not indicative of my general enthusiasm for this project though


Hi folks! Just a brief update. Here are the notes from our meeting. I spent time after we met reorganizing and refactoring the notes, so if you last saw them when we met, might be helpful to take a quick scroll through here:

We can use this thread later to coordinate a follow-up call for our collab. Right now, I’m focusing on the new discussion thread. Later, I will kick off a new meeting poll when I have a little more bandwidth.

Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm and participation today! :pray:


Thanks to the folks on the call! I love these opportunities for collaboration :bouquet:

I’m gonna re-post this thread into the Open Source Design discourse to encourage/signal boost those designers interested in this kind of project/topic.


Thank you all. Sorry I had to bail early.

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Great work (as always). Left some comments. No action items.

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Here’s the post on open source design’s discourse:

I’ll make sure I ‘merge’ ideas into our working google doc :smiley:


Thank you @Erioldoesdesign! Since you got to this first, I think we can have the open discussion about badges over in that thread to avoid repetition. I’ll chime in over on the O.S.D. Discourse soon with some feedback. :smile:

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Is this project still open?


Yup! we’re just working across the open source design forum and here because of the ‘two’ stakeholders of the project. There’s an update from @jwf here:

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Great! i will check it out

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