Sustain NYC Community

A thread to get together the Sustain NYC community

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If there is a way to support this upstate through the open source programs in Rochester and Albany-Rensselear, let me know if I can do anything to support that and loop in more folks. Here is a map of student open source organizations around NYC, provided by the Mozilla Open Source Student Network (OSSN):

It was wonderful to meet some of the NYC community a few weeks back. Thank you for including and inviting me. It was very rich, nourishing discussion.

I wanted to share this CNBC video on open source released earlier this week (it references the project I mentioned at the meetup that I’m leading for FINOS at Goldman Sachs to open source their modeling language and toolset too; see here and here for more info at that; ping me if you’d like to get involved).

I thought this group might appreciate the video, especially the middle section talking about maintainers, and their role. I am guessing folks might have some thoughts and comments on the video too.

Thanks for sharing the video. It did a good job outlining the history of open source and highlighting some of the challenges we as an ecosystem are facing.

The video seemed to elevate corporate open source voices and glanced over the communities behind these projects.

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