Sustain OSS India Meetup [Discussion Thread]

Hey all,

I feel that it is high time to bring Open-source events and conferences around Sustainability in India. ( P.S. I got this Idea while I was talking to @RichardLitt yesterday )

Would be really helpful to have some volunteers.

Feel free to add some ideas and thoughts to this thread



I am in! Let’s do this :dizzy:


Looks like some people from this event today may also be interested:


Hey Joshua, Great idea, I joined the Sustain Summit that happened in London and it was a great experience. With covid halting offline events, I think it is awesome to kickstart the conversation about organizing a Sustain OSS meetup in India with conferences and meetups coming back in force. Let’s have a chat about this and happy to help.

Additionally, I know a few more peers that be interested who have been organizing PyCon India. We can definitely come up with something good.


Hey Vipul, thanks for getting back on this! I appreciate.

We should absolutely connect and discuss more on this. It can add a lot of value to Sustain OSS community. I have seen a lot of folks who are unaware of Sustainability in Open source.

I will try to connect with you on LinkedIn. Let me know if that helps.

SGTM and I agree I feel like it would be great to start this up. I am not very active on Linkedin, how about Twitter? I found you but can’t DM you.

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Hey Vipul, I have DMed you on twitter! Thanks :slight_smile:

You can check out the Indian Open Source Foundation (IOSF) to meet with other persons who would be interested in being a part of sustain India.

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To get this started, I reached out to the organizers of IndiaFoss conf recently. It’s a 2 day event happening in Bangalore with a focus on open-source. Let’s see if they consider it.


I’m in touch with the IOSF folks, let me run this through them. @JoshuaPoddoku

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Hey folks, I would personally love to support a sustain event in India! @vipulgupta2048 and I spoke about this a couple of years back but then waves hands all this happened.

GitHub are certainly building their presence in India now so we may find that they’re more than happy to host at their offices if they have space, as they did for our first event way back in 2017.

I can ask them if there’s a possibility to link up with anything they’re looking at.


I would personally love to support a sustain event in India!

I will mark you yes on the RSVP then :joy: It has been a long time indeed, Ben. It would be great to have this event. I will reach out to a friend who works at GitHub India as well to discuss opportunities. They are doing good work with grants and the Externship program.


Let me know if there is anything I can do to help out with setting this up and moving it along. :slight_smile:


Thanks, @brownie @vipulgupta2048 @benjam @RichardLitt for supporting this! Let me know how we can take this forward. I was inactive for a week as I was on vacation.

@JoshuaPoddoku Would you like to find a good time for us to all meet in a video chat, to keep this going and plan out actionable next steps?

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Sure @RichardLitt, let’s do this upcoming week. Let me know what time works for you. I’ll setup accordingly.

@benjam @vipulgupta2048 please share your availability.

Tuesday 11-2 ET, or any day at 8:00am. That should help with your timezones!

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Would be super happy to conduct this in India.

Thanks and Regards

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That’s awesome! I’ll note this and co-ordinate with rest of the members.

Yeah, I had a chat with Joshua and synced up on what we wanted the meetup to be all about. I think it’s looking good. Earlier this week, I also got a chance to chat with @Erioldoesdesign and tagging them if they would like to be a part of the initial prep call too.

Time sounds good to me.