Announcing SustainOSS India 2023 Meetup!

The date is set, the topics are ready and the venue is confirmed. We are ready to host open-source sustainers, maintainers and contributors from all fields to hold conversations about open-source. This will be the first SustainOSS event in India, and I look forward to seeing you all.

Date: 29th September 2023
Place: Hyderabad, India (exact location will be sent in the invites)

Help us spread the news and get folks involved in the meetup. The capacity is limited and we are opening up invites today for the meetup. Find the form and all details here: Sustain OSS India Meetup - Open Collective

Help us promote the meetup: Twitter


I hope this goes super well. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need any help posting this on the Sustain LinkedIn and so on @Tina_Arboleda, perhaps you could help, actually?

Oops! I might miss this event. Congratulations on the progress. I’m sure there will be great outcomes from the first event!

Thanks @RichardLitt. I forgot to post an update here. My bad.

It’s hard, but unfortunately, due to a low number of registrations, we decided to postpone the meetup. The meetup has been a month in planning. We wanted to do it right or not do it at all. In all that planning, we fell short of bringing together a diverse audience to help enable the conversations we wanted at the meetup for everyone’s collective benefit.

I am not giving up; I definitely want to have a SustainOSS meetup in India. We have already done much of the planning, viable process and a ready agenda. We are already in touch with hosting the meetup during Open Source India.

@JoshuaPoddoku Would love your help in making this one come together. More updates will follow.

Some things that might help.

  1. Always have a date and time of the meetup in the title
  2. Always have a place at the date of announcement
  3. If there is at least one other person, it already worth it
  4. Remove organizers - make everybody a contributor

Hi @vipulgupta2048 I have some contact in Open Source India. I can try to get some collaboration with us. What is the plan? Should we have a booth or speaker slot or both?

Thanks @abitrolly, for the tips. I will take these into account for our next attempt. Been busy with PyCon India @JoshuaPoddoku so couldn’t reply. Let’s definitely have a chat about that.