Sustain @ State of Open Con 2023

Sustain will be hosting an event at State of Open Con '23 in London on 7th and 8th of February.

For more information, and to register your interest in taking part — including offers to host a session, volunteer as a facilitator and/or to request financial support to cover the cost of your ticket — go to Sustain OS - State of Open Conference 23


Sadly, due to budget constraints and the short lead time we will not be offering a travel fund to cover the cost of getting to and from the event. The organisers have advertised a travel bursary, and we will update this forum when details emerge on how to take advantage of that.

The organisers also have a program for free tickets for community and diversity, we’ll work with the organisers on how to apply for this.

Dang! I’ll be in London the 4th and 5th :frowning:

I would expect such meetings to take place in Brussels during FOSDEM FOSDEM 2023 - Home

London needs another Visa and it is expensive to travel a lot.

I will speak at FOSDEM and State of Open Con 2023. It would be great to finally meet some of you in person.


@Ly0n I didn’t read the whole report yet but looks quite interesting. I will try to join one of your talks.

Here are the links as a quick reference:

If we have other speakers at Fosdem or State of Open, let’s share them under this thread?

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Looking at the talks this is just what I love FOSDEM for. Pure technical bliss that you want to try right away. People who care about openness at all levels and are not afraid to answer tough questions. Probably the only conference where organizers won’t censor you for criticizing companies that are doing bad things.

I see one more talk dedicated to Open Source sustainability FOSDEM 2023 - Sustaining Free and Open Source Software and because it is on the main track, I bet the people feel that the topic is important.

Another one is FOSDEM 2023 - The Open Source Business Guidebook which is also interesting, because Open Source definitely won the technology race, but getting it to the business gameplay is still tricky.

I don’t know if any of the speakers is here.

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For anyone who will be at FOSDEM, there will also be a Sustain event there: SustainOSS FOSDEM 2023 Meetup - Open Collective.


Sadly won’t be there this year, but I should be at the event in London… briefly.

So it turns out that support from the organisers is also limited to tickets. We’ll be reaching out to those who expressed an interest in attending and told us they would like some financial assistance today.