Sustain Podcast Updates

:wave: Hello Sustainers,

In 2018 @eric @pia, @RichardLitt, and Jon Schlinkert had an idea for a podcast around open source sustainability. For those who are not aware, the idea became reality. @gunner and I have since joined as hosts and our latest episode is with Ewa Jodlowska.

More episodes:

Let us know what you think =)


Hi Justin,

Thanks for sharing!

I was wondering where the new podcast location was. =)

I’ll listen to your episode soon and let you know.



Nice! Love a good podcast~


Thanks for creating all these great podcasts and making them easily accessible!

Site looks great and seems like a great podcast platform.

Looking over

Monetization and membership platforms like Patreon and Supporting Cast work perfectly along side Fireside. Dynamic ad insertion services like Podbean, Soundwise, etc. work independently from Fireside

Possibly there may be ways to incorporate and extend Open Collective and CodeFund to help enable additional productions and related events.

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Our pleasure. Fireside is a great platform. We tried a few others and found that this was the best solution for us now.

For sure. These shows are on the CodeFund Podcast Network and we will be experimenting with dynamic ad insertion in the near future. =)

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