Sustain Podcast Planning


This thread is to be the place that we can plan out the upcoming Sustain podcast. The points of discussion we would like to cover are:

  1. What is the purpose of the podcast?
  2. Schedule guests to be on the show
  3. Discuss podcast sustainability (sponsors, etc)

Any feedback is welcome.


Purpose / Goals

  • Share what works, what doesn’t, etc.
  • Acknowledgement that we all speak English is not a reality
  • Have a series of conversations about sustainability (communities, financial, people, health, etc.)
  • Set up tools for others to talk about these experiences on a local level. What might work in one community/country/language might work somewhere and not elsewhere.
  • Give folks tools to have their own conversations. Basically a toolkit with examples on how to do.
  • Short format, something that can be replicated easily.
  • Open Collective can mutualize the resources for those podcasts to be successful. If that means paying for sound aids or x, they will cover it from the collective.


Episode Ideas / Guests


Sustainability of Podcast

Funding? Content quality? etc


OSS ROI for Businesses / Tobie Langel


I was waiting to do a blog post on this but I think this is the best place for it ATM…


So what works for BootstrapCDN? Advertising. As you can see, nothing comes close.


Steve Sullivan of the Network Time Foundation would be a great guest.