Open Source in Environmental Sustainability

I’m excited to present you the first-of-its-kind analysis of the opensource software ecosystem in the field of sustainability and climate technology.

Open source is everywhere. Its culture has demonstrated how transparent and collaborative innovation can transform modern society, with over 97% of critical digital infrastructure and services depending on it. Open source software accelerates the transition to a sustainable economy by supporting traceable decision-making, building capacity for localisation and customisation, providing new opportunities for participation, and preventing greenwashing by ensuring transparency and trust. Yet, despite the transformative impact of open source culture, its potential within environmental sustainability is not well understood.

More than one thousand actively developed open source projects and organisations were collected and systematically analysed using qualitative and quantitative methods, providing the empirical backbone for guiding community building, policy development and future investment. We identify common principles embodied within the ecosystem, and several action areas for supporting open source in this critical field more effectively.

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Link to the report: