Sustain Together - December Summary

Every other Friday, we host a call to document, share, and respond to current events in open source sustainability. Our next call is happening Friday Jan 27, TODAY at 17:00-18:00 UTC (12pm ET / 9am PT) - notes & connection details

Here’s a summary of our December calls:

December 16, 2022

In our final call of 2022, we kicked off the discussion with the announcement of FOSSY hosted by the Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC). This could fill the void that OSCON left behind and potential host a Sustain summit…? We also saw the SFC involved in a settlement around the use of the GPLv3 license. We’re encouraged that the parties were able to agree on a way for a paid piece of software to use GPLv3 code with proper attribution (with the SFC approving as a trusted 3rd party). Will this precedent make it easier for companies to use GPLv3 licensed software?

We discussed some recent Sustain podcast episodes. Naytri Sramek joined the podcast to chat about the GitHub Accelerator and M12 GitHub Fund. Lots of interest in this among the collectives! We’d love to see this run again next year. We also learned about with Ali Nehzat – is a way for maintainers to get funding from the companies that depend on their software. This is a great step in the direction of funding OSS and recognizing developers!

Also reading: end users are getting involved in conversations on security best practices in the End User Working Group at OpenSSF.

December 2, 2022

Today’s call started with a discussion on co-ops with news of tech layoffs. Co-ops are strong in many places around the world – are co-ops the next step for open source projects? Would it be easier to apply for grants?

Osioke wrote about ​​Fixing Work, Wealth and Growth, highlight the Growth and Innovation system, a framework for co-ops and open source projects to define a business model, project offerings and create structure.

Also reading: the Cyber Resilience Act

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