Sustain Weekly: Moving to meet every two weeks + help us rename!

Hi all :wave:

On our last ‘Sustain Weekly’ call, we decided to move to meet every two weeks and report out the summaries monthly. No meeting tomorrow! Expect an April summary to come out early May.

We hope you’ll join us Friday April 22 at 16:00 UTC (12pm ET / 5pm BST) to better document, share, and respond to what’s happening in the world of open source sustainability.

Things bring us to the important question: Should we rename ‘Sustain Weekly’ now that we meet every two weeks? Some options:

  • Sustain Summary
  • Sustain Fortnightly
  • … add your own suggestions!

What are your thoughts? Comment below!


How about something super literal:

  • Sustain Bi-weekly Call
  • Sustain Bi-weekly Wrap-up
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I had a couple thoughts for naming strategies:

  • Advertise openness, for example Sustain Open Chat
  • Model the discussion format in the name itself with a question-based title, for example What Are Sustainers Reading?
  • Emphasize empathy for others/community (this feature of the one I attended left an impression on me), for example Sustain Together

I always find the term “bi-weekly” ambiguous — is it twice a week or every two weeks?

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I like these thoughts @anthonyronda! Particularly “Sustain Together”