Understanding Communities and Monetisations

Essentially the world of the internet and society can be categorized into two communities: i) Weak Communities ii) Strong Communities

Weak Communities by fundamental nature get easily excited without a vision or a direction. It gets hyped and there is a great fall pulling into chaos. Most of the time, these communities don’t work for well-being or for the natural way of giving back. Rather these communities only seek temporal benefits on an individual level.

I would like to share an example, think of a social score that helps people to monetize their helping efforts by tracking. But in this case, society is likely to be weak. So many of them will start running like rats just to increase the score and gain more reputation rather than delivering help. So the whole of human nature is manipulated by introducing a lucrative system that is trying to eradicate ethics.

Reversal of direction of communities is highly possible for weak communities.

Strong ones on the other side behave humanely and take a long-term upward curve. I believe Opensource is one of the strongest communities on earth that move with vision and direction.

I believe strong communities have high chances of sustainability and stable monetization without disrupting ethics.

These are my thoughts and would like to hear more from this community.