Transforming Communities into Economies and Ecosystems by Leveraging Open Principles

Back in University, I stumbled on a poster for a conference on Kubuntu. This was back in 2009 in Kano, Nigeria. Since then I have worked with and advocated for open source and communities wherever I found myself.

Advocating for open source and learning through the forums I stumbled on made we wonder how I could create a way to make knowledge sharing and growth easier around me, and until recently the process eluded me.

I’d like to share a system I developed that makes this possible in a sustainable way for the participants. By sustainable I mean the participants in this knowledge sharing ecosystem can earn a living and thrive from the contributions they make. I am calling it a Growth and Innovation System:

I am sharing it because I’d love a critique on it.

Basically, what do we think of it, does it make any sense or does it seem applicable?

To help you with this critique–that is if you’re interested, I documented my entire process; research and all. I had been looking for a way since 2009, but actively started working on it in 5 years ago. Here is the documentation of my process:

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