UNICEF Global Insight and Policy: Open Call - Design Consultants Roster (remote)

Hi all, sharing this unique opportunity with the Sustainer Community:

Global Insight is looking to establish a roster of design consultants (freelance designers) who have expertise in one or more relevant disciplines to support short and medium-term communications campaigns and creative projects across the Office. Selected candidates will be placed on a roster from which appropriately qualified design consultants will be drawn for worked planned in 2020-21.

If you are unfamiliar with the UN system, this is a helpful way to make your resume and expertise available as an early contact for future positions or contracting work. I encourage folks with a design background and a mind for Open Source sustainability to apply. It would be useful to represent Open Source design perspectives in this roster. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is not my unit or team, but you might get a chance to collaborate with me and the Office of Innovation. :dizzy:

An excerpt from the full position listing is below.

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Description of assignment

Projects may range from approximately two weeks to 11.5 months, depending on demand, project specifications and funding availability. Design consultants who are selected from the roster will work under the supervision of the Office’s design lead. Design consultants may be requested to work onsite in New York, or remotely as determined by the specification of the project. The work may include incidental travel to participate in field work, workshops or conferences; any related travel will be governed by UNICEF travel policies for consultants. Tasks and deliverables will vary by specific project and will be agreed per project.

Duration of roster-based consultancies

Consultants who are selected from the roster will work on specific deliverables and with timeframes as determined by the office based on project needs. Selected candidates will be issued a contract for each specific assignment which is subject to UNICEF General Conditions of Contracts for the Services of Consultants / Individual Contractors. The length of the contract will depend on project needs and funding availability. The Roster will remain valid for 24 months.

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Roster will be established based on the following areas of expertise:

  • General graphic design: Communications design for advocacy, including but not limited to social media assets, newsletters, web content, reports/publications, and presentations

  • Publication design: Information architecture and page layout design for print and/or digital distribution; advanced knowledge of print production processes; ability to create interactive PDFs

  • Illustration: Hand drawn or vector illustrations; ability to digitize artwork

  • Collage: Mixed-media editorial artwork that illustrates interconnected concepts or events; ability to digitize artwork

  • Data visualization: Data visualization and infographics for print and digital distribution

  • Iconography: Pixel-perfect icons for print and digital use

  • Video animation: Animated explainer videos that incorporate a mix of photographs, illustrations, graphic elements and charts; ability to collaborate with issue-area experts along with design and communication specialists to develop concepts, storyboards; independently create the final product (explainer video) with voice over and sound effect/music.

  • Comprehensive event design: Collateral for both small and large format events, including event-branded merchandise (lanyards, tote bags, etc.) and promotional/informational materials (exhibition signage, posters, event website/pages on platforms like Splashthat)

  • Presentation design: PowerPoint templates for webinars and/or large format, in-person presentations

Demonstrated understanding of conceptualizing and producing research and policy products is appreciated. Demonstrated understanding of international development themes (poverty, inequality, health, education gender equality, climate change, basic services, technology and innovation for development) and/or child specific themes is appreciated.

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Have you cross-posted this to Open Source Design? I think it might be well received there.

@RichardLitt I’ve tried cross-posting things there before, but they only accept opportunities / jobs that explicitly and expressly involve Open Source. There is not a guarantee of Open Source here, but there is great potential to add Open Source perspectives through this role.

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