A glimpse about DEV

I’m curious about the Value Proposal from DEV protocol

It says that it provides incentives to Patrons for investing in developers through their DEV token. That kind of incentive comes in the form of APY obtained by a monetary inflation as long as they’re staking the tokens. (May I’m wrong to understanding this)

Althought, I think that developers would prefer to be paid in Ethereum instead on an unliquid app-native currency.

Any thoughts?

If you can explain these buzzwords in layman’s terms, then maybe there will be any thoughts.

  • tokenize OSS project
  • access sustainable funding
  • underlying economic model
  • distribute incentives
  • distribute incentives at scale
  • investing in developers
  • APY
  • APY obtained
  • monetary inflation
  • APY obtained by a monetary inflation
  • staking tokens
  • incentive in the form of APY
  • APY incentive obtained by a monetary inflation with staked tokens
  • app-native currency
  • unliquid currency

Or in short, answer the question - I am going to spend some hours to do some changes to Suppress message "Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused" (#453) · Issues · GNOME / pygobject · GitLab - how and when can I buy myself a burger to sustain myself during that time using all this Dev Protocol? Does the protocol assumes that developers need burgers, and probably not only burgers, but healthy food to sustain themselves? I don’t see that the protocol even comes close to solve the end mile problem of daily sustainability needs.

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I’ve found this conversation interesting:


For 1000$ staking staker will revieve 4.16$ monthly and the creator will revieve 5$. Where does that reward come from for the stable coins, normally with the platforms you lend your coins to them and they go use them to get a higher return by lending them out again or using them.

If the reward is paid in the form of stable coins then Dev will need to ensure it gets a return on these staked stables Greater than the return to the user, if it’s paid in Dev I would worry about the sell pressure that could bring from people without any skin in the game.


To be honest i dont directly know the answer because Dev Protocol currently doesnt have a mechanism directly for stable coin APY. What came in my mind was to use some third party applications like anchor protocol which provide %19 APY on stables etc…

Or maybe in future, there can be a stable coin APY with a collobration between JPYC team. Their stable coin maybe can provide a %APY, that would make a working system