Any thought about from Adam Jacob (Chef)

I was at OSCON last month where Adam Jacob talked in Keynote about the war in open source and the fact that neither Saas vendors (because of the business model and VC investments) neither Free software/Libre software foundations (because according to him of their view/dogma about OSS definition) had the solutions to develop sustainable open source communities.

The video is accessible here (behind O’Reilly portal)

Anyone in Sustain OSS involved or know more about this initiative?

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I’ve been following the conversations in SFOSC here:

It seems to me there’s definitely a missing piece this community is on to and I like how it’s been run so far

Hi @medjawii,
I’ve also been following the project @chris mentionned.
It’s been quite dormant for some time, but activity has recently restarted. I like their basic idea to evaluate business model according to their potential sustainability, but haven’t found the time to contribute anything yet :frowning:

I’ve looked at this a few times, and I am certainly interested in the mission!

But i’m pretty confused about the methdology – where did these principles come from? Is it one guy’s opinion? the project seems to be based upon some unstated assumptions and value judgments…