Sustainable open source @ OSCON 2019

I’m really excited to see this year’s OSCON added “Sustainable open source” to the CFP topics. Anyone attending and/or submitting a talk/cfp?



I am thinking about submitting one, mostly related with OSS development analytics, and I am more than happy to work on something together with any of you relating metrics and sustainability :wink:


That would be awesome. The dead line is on Jan 15th do you think we would have another time? I’m almost done with my proposal and I’m not sure if you can add other people after the fact. Want to hop on a call tomorrow and go over what I have so far? My availability:

I have some family matters during the weekend. What about Monday?

Monday works. I submitted my CFP just in case but we can submit another together. Let’s talk about it Monday.

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Sorry for the delay, and the last moment note, but it’s being an stressful week.

I am writing a draft related to how visualize ROI of supporting open source development, and if that could be useful for open source projects in terms of sustainability.

For years we’ve heard that open data is a good thing when talking about Government services, because, we as citizens are able to see where our taxes are spent. Could be the same hypothesis be applied to open source development? (Specially because there are already a lot of “open” data there).

It’s more an open discussion talk, to show initiatives, ideas, etc. and perhaps it could end as a working group or ideas for one in CHAOSS.

What do you think?

I think it would be a great talk. It could also be a great blog post on Bitergia.

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Hi Justin, Manrique,

We will submit a talk about the Open Source licence for maintainers that we mentioned in London. (if we don’t miss the deadline :wink: )



I believe you have until midnight PST.

Definitely, I think a blog post would be worthy to start moving this idea forward. Thanks for the support!

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