Event Agencies and BigBlueButton Contributors

I am on FOSSASIA and we’ve just lost ROS talk because of the problem with stuttering sound. Presumably because of poor BigBlueButton support in Firefox. I am on Firefox and I’ve experienced the problems myself. Sometimes the video is just a still frame, sometimes freezes in sound. Probably CPU is overloaded, but it is hard to see that.

I’ve used https://foss-backstage.de/ and https://pine.events/ and they look like they’ve built on top of BBB, but it is can’t be officially proved.

If that’s true, that’s of a bit of shame that platforms that are hosting FOSS events (If PyCon Belarus can be called FOSS event) are not helping their supporting platforms with attention and publicity. But perhaps they are directly contributing to BBB, and what would be nice to know.

But how to know if they are not ready to back their stack?