GitHub template repository with best practices


I’ve been working on preparing a template repository for GitHub trying to follow some recommendations and best practices to build sustainable projects.

GitHub Best Practices Template

The repository currently provides some indications (and templates) for:

  • Project Description
  • Contributing guidelines
  • Code of Conduct
  • Governance rules
  • License
  • Code owners in your project
  • Templates for your issues/pull requests
  • Security policy
  • Fundings file
  • Citation

The objective is to provide a nice scaffolding solution for any project. Developers would only have to use the repository as template and adapt and fill the gaps in the templates.

Any comment would be more than welcome!


I don’t think it’s just about the project documentation, but also about the nature of the project.

Here’s some fun reading from Sophie Huilian Qiu and Bogdan Vasilescu’s lab:

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Thanks @RichardLitt ! I remember having read that paper, I’ll revisit it :nerd_face:

Also, this is old, but this is what I used to use when I audited repositories full-time. audit-templates/ at dd837d08c357b1bff09fca80269fdb59f8719a74 · mntnr/audit-templates · GitHub


oldie but goldie! thanks again!

Thanks for sharing your checklist!


In the past I contributed to

Hi Ryuno-Ki,

thanks a lot! those indications & checklist are quite useful to guide the writing of readmes. I’ll review it to see how to enrich our proposal, thanks again!