Choose A Governance Model

While listening to the latest Sustain podcast (yes I listen to myself talk), Governance came up a lot. In fact, my spotlight was this WG (replace “Ready” with “Readiness” =p).

Anyway, I was thinking it would be awesome to eventually have something similar to eg If that has already been proposed, I apologize for the overlap.

Keep up the great work ya’ll.

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It’s a great thought, I think @benjam had an idea along these same lines.

I do suspect best practice for choosing a governance model would probably be like the inverse of licenses: you probably don’t want to just copy and paste something that already exists, you probably do want to do some customization. That said, I’m sure a set of archetypes would be valuable.

There is a project currently under development that seems to be along these lines: CommunityRule by the Media Enterprise Design Lab at University of Colorado Boulder. Nathan Schneider introduced it here with this very relevant post. I’ve been in touch with Nathan about it and would be glad to see how these conversations could align.


CommunityRule is a site we have been using as a reference point in the Governance Readiness Working Group, and as it turns out, Nathan Schneider is a part of our group. :smile:

This is the best tool I can think of that meets the current need. It is not as point-and-click like, but it provides a framework of questions to help someone craft a governance policy that makes sense for their specific project.

This is an excellent proposal @jdorfman, and it has actually been discussed in some of the Governance Readiness telcos. We knew the site to help to choose a license, and we were considering how we could reach something for governance.

The most similar approach is CommunityRule, where you can find templates and guidelines to prepare your governance model. As governance rules are usually very specific for projects, I find it quite hard to follow strict governance structures (as we may do for licenses). In this sense, CommunityRule templates help kickstart governance models.

The current approach for CommunityRule goes beyond defining governance models for Open Source software projects. Thus a potential line of work I see is to work on those specificities that could particularize the templates for Open Source. Maybe the next step for the Governance Readiness WG? :smile:

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This is an interesting path forward to me too.

Hard agree. I don’t think we can take the same approach as because legal is a lot more black-and-white than community, governance, and sustainability are. However, ways we can make useful governance more accessible is definitely in scope, and maybe some sort of template website is a way forward to do this.

Need to think on this more when I am not at end-of-Friday energy levels. :grinning:

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