Governance Guidance Working Group

Hi everyone,

we are happy to announce the creation of a new Working Group about governance :partying_face:

The new working group is called Governance guidance and joins efforts from the Governance Readiness and Principles of Governing OSS Working Groups. In the last meeting at the Governance Readiness working group (check meeting notes here), it was decided to close them and create a new one aligning efforts.

The purpose of this working group is to facilitate the elicitation of governance models in Open Source projects. To this aim, we will focus our efforts on the elaboration on principles on governance and the definition of a matrix of questions to ask frequently (joining ideas from previous WGs).

@greggish and I are the bottom-liners of this working group. @GeorgLink is also involved in the initiative. Of course, anyone is more than welcome. If you are interested, contact any of us.


This is exciting news @jlcanovas! :tada: I might be able to contribute some knowledge to this.

Do you want me to rename the category ā€œGovernance Readinessā€ to ā€œGovernance Guidanceā€?

Also, feel free to update this pinned post for the category:

Hi @jwf, you will be more than welcome! :slight_smile:

It would be awesome, but we thought that that category could be named ā€œGovernanceā€. This way, it could collect all working lines about the topic, what do you think?



Makes sense to me!

Done. :white_check_mark:

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