How governments could support OSS

Hi everyone. I want to share an article that I’ve just found today; it’s worth being analyzed. It explains the Distributism model for funding public goods. But instead of funding the offer (assigning money to FOSS projects directly), governments give citizens vouchers for acquiring assets, in the form of Digital Goods Bonds.

From the article :

Over the course of the 20th century, the industrial machine gradually developed into the computer . And these computers formed digital networks. Now, digital networks are among the most productive assets … Digital networks are made up of people , not robots! And these people give value to digital networks through their ideas . It is ideas then, that are the most productive aspect of digital networks.

The main premise of this article is that we must look for the correct way to measure the economic value from Ideas, Art, Knowledge , and any Intellectual Good that can be considered a by-product from the human creativity (This include FOSS software).

I wish that we could invite Carlo Acutis to this space for letting him aggregate more insights about his ideas. (Unfortunately, I haven’t found his email yet).

What do you think?