MonetizeYourCode: List of OSS project funding opportunities

I’ve created a list of open source project monetization solutions to boost OSS sustainability and help developers find income for their work:

This is intended to be a collaborative effort, so if you’d like to contribute or explore additional resources, we’ll send you the master spreadsheet.

Thoughts, feedback or suggestions for improvement are much appreciated.

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Hi @williamzmorgan,

Thanks for putting together that list and adding a nice user interface to it.

I haven’t checked in detail, but maybe there are some additional sources in this Awesome List: (feel free to contribute back to the list if you know of funding sources not already listed there).

Your website has a link to Twitter. Are there other ways to contribute to the list? Maybe a link to a GitHub repo or so?


Congrats, this looks great and thanks for putting it together :green_heart:

Is there a way to propose additions to this list. I can seem, for instance, that the digital infrastructure fund from Ford and Sloan isn’t listed. And while it’s a more formal process it’s similar in spirit to the OTF which is listed

In short: ++ to @GeorgLink’s comment. Is there a repo I can PR to?

There is a shared spreadsheet that contains many resources for the different solutions but also articles, video, etc… about open-source funding directly when you signup on the website.

I see now. I had ignored that box because it asked for my email address :slight_smile: