Introducing A new way of funding open source, by Gitcoin x Sustain is live! We’re so happy to announce this project, a collaboration between Gitcoin and Sustain, to use quadratic funding to help fund maintainers and open source projects. @pia, @awright, and Kevin Owocki and I recorded this podcast to introduce FundOSS. Thoughts and comments welcome!

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I see Ford Foundation provided funding and this has a “.org” address. To be clear, is there a distinction between for-profit and non-profit funding?

What do you mean by “funding”?

The Ford Foundation supports the Sustain OS work (including these working groups!) and Sustain is helping to sponsor FundOSS. So in the collective contribution ledger, Ford is listed as the contributor but it was the decision of the Sustain advisory committee to support FundOSS.

Does that answer your question?

Hope so! Alyssa.

Yes. Thank you. And I just read through some of the legal language on the Open Source Collective site about the differentiate between the different organizations.

I look forward to seeing when the project “voting” happens for FundOSS.

:wave: Just popping back over here to see what everybody has been saying about the FundOSS match pilot since it was officially announced.

Unless I put in the wrong keywords, it doesn’t look there’s been much interest… at least in this Discourse Forum?

The pilot wraps in less than 3 days, so there’s still time to promote or donate to projects you already support or find interesting. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: