OpenJS Book Club Group to discuss 'How to do Nothing' and 'Braiding Sweetgrass'

Hello! The OpenJS community is having a book club discussion this Thursday, Aug. 19 @ 3 p.m. ET (click here to see it in your local time). We’d be glad to have you!

Link to Calendar Event

About the Books

How to do Nothing by Jenny Odell - a book about intentions and focus, with an emphasis on the local and the present. An extension of Jenny’s popular Eyeo Festival talk.

Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer - a book about sustainability in ecology with surprising and well-suited lessons for tech and open source.


Quick Update: We’ve rescheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 7 at the same time due to an unforeseen issue. Calendar and link above has been updated!

Love these! Are you discussing both of these books at the same time?

Yep! How to Do Nothing references Braiding Sweetgrass extensively, there are definitely shared themes! So, why not both? as I like to say.